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Work From Home – The New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption worldwide. Amidst this health emergency companies have to think from both the aspects, the well-being of their work force and also business continuity for both long and short term. Social distancing is the key to flatten the curve of Covid-19, which leaves organizations no choice but to switch to work from home model.

In the work from home model, the tech set up that is being used can make a huge difference to the productivity of the employees. The ground reality is that many companies are not equipped with the right IT infrastructure for remote working and for companies that have the capabilities, it may not be enough to support the large number of workers logging in remotely.

The IT admins are on the look out for suitable solutions to support work from home model for their organizations. Shifting to remote work requires certain capabilities to ensure secure seamless access to the employees. To make your organizations remote ready you need to consider certain factors in regard to your IT infrastructure. Here is a list of must-haves that our experts think are a must for remote work model.

Must-Have Technologies For Work From Home

Basic Devices

To work from home the employees need to have some basic devices which includes a laptop or a desktop computer, mobile phone, webcam (probably in-built to the laptop or attached to the desktop), a decent quality headset or ear buds and in some cases a printer and scanner.

Fast And Secure Internet Connection

This is the lifeline of any remote working set up. It is crucial that the employee has access to a secure and reliable Internet connection for seamless connectivity during work hours. Having the provision of a secondary Internet connection is a good ideal in case there is any issue with the primary connection. It is advisable to do some research on the quality of service provided before subscribing to any service provider.

Collaborative Tools

Your workforce is highly dependent on collaborative tools while working remotely. These tools are great with task management, project management, video meetings, sharing documents real-time and more. The right set of tools is certain to increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees even while working from home.

Validate Employees Access

While working from home employees often need access to on-prem software and other resources to perform their tasks. This is where it becomes important to make sure that they have the required access as per their roles. At the same time you also need to ensure that critical company resources are accessible to only the concerned employees else there is a high chance of misuse of the same. Thanks to active directory solutions, the complex task of access validation can be securely done.

Remote working IT set up comes with its own set of challenges. As there are multiple locations involved, extending IT support can become a challenge for your compact IT team. This is where MSP (Managed Service Providers) can save your day. They have a team of experienced specialists available around the clock to resolve issues quickly. Right from helping to set up remote IT platform to providing 24/7 IT support, the MSP can take care of all your IT headaches. Some MSP also offer IT Consultancy and can help you plan a robust remote working IT platform suiting your company’s needs.

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