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Safer internet day

Internet is a part of people's daily routine. It helps in many ways but can be perilous too if not used safely specially for children. We should learn and teach our kids these safety practices to keep internet safe. Here are some of the best practices to use internet safely.

1. Use an endpoint protection that covers antivirus, anti-malware, phishing & ransomware attacks. Some endpoint protection tools provide browser extensions for safe browsing as well.

2. Choose strong passwords on websites and portals. Be it your email account or your bank account, both should be treated equally important.

3. Maintain your privacy by not sharing your personal information on social media. Most of the sites you visit have privacy settings. Read them and use them wisely. Be careful while posting anything and vigilant while making contacts on social media.

4. Download from safe sites. An unsafe download can contain malware and risk your system as well as other systems on same network. Cyber criminals entice you to download.

5. Avoid location sharing and access to camera on your computer and mobile devices. Bluetooth should be undiscoverable. Enable them when you want to use.

6. Do not open files received from unknown email addresses. Do not open links in such emails either.

7. Try opening sites directly instead of following links you receive on an email. Phishing scammers send email with malicious links which might resemble your bank's website. Always check authenticity before entering any personal information like account number, ATM pin or your Government IDs.

8. Regularly clear your browsing history, cookies and other temporary files.

9. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks specially while using online purchases, accessing bank account. If you have to use in some circumstances, go for a good VPN.

10. Keep your computer, mobile devices and browsers/ applications updated at all times.

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