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On-demand services

Adhoc support

Adhoc support is for businesses who doesn't need comprehensive managed services. Our experts can help you with a range of issues on an ad hoc basis, such as broken systems, hardware and software installs, or internet connectivity.

Holiday cover

Ideal for small businesses that only have few IT technicians. Your business should not suffer if your staff member is on leave or sick. We provide holiday cover for your IT staff by managing your systems in their absence.

Help desk escalation

For businesses with a very small IT team, very busy periods of work can overwhelm your technicians and your business is at risk of disruption.  In this instance, we are on hand as ‘overflow’ option – taking the pressure off your staff and making sure that problems are resolved

Internet, WiFi and networking

Your business deserves a fast, stable and secure internet connection, and we can install and set up your broadband or WiFi with solutions that can grow with your business. Our experts can visit and assess your premises for specific needs and provide you with the best solution to keep your business running at full capacity

IT consultancy

When you scale your business, your current IT manager or provider might need some expert opinion on scaling IT infrastructure. We can help you design and implement best solution considering your budget, future plans and business goals.

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